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Comic for Friday , February 28 , 2003

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by: firefly


I love Hachiko!
February 24, 2003 -- Okay, I kinda left you guys in the lurch last week and took an unannounced vacation. For those of you who don't know much about me, I'm a senior this year in University and I'm getting my art stuff together for the senior show. This has resulted in me getting SEVERE artistic burnout and writers block. I'll probably put up joke strips mid-march (until the show) but then I'll get back on track with the story line.

February 16, 2003 -- In case you were curious, yes, you can download Multi over at Also, updated my e-mail policy a bit on the frequently asked questions page.

February 10, 2003 -- I hate uploading this many pictures in one story arc, but eh. I had a traumatic weekend. (See, I quit my job on Saturday.) I'm all burnt out and uninspired. I hope you guys will forgive me. I'll get my butt in gear and upload stuff for the rest of the week tomorrow.

February 6, 2003 -- Guess what? There WILL be a Journeys Down book coming out sometime in the near future. (Near future meaning sometime this year, lol.) Anyway, please go over to the forum and cast your vote on how it should be printed.

January 29, 2003 -- Sorry about the problems keenspace has been having. I actually DO have comics uploaded, it just won't update. o_o BTW, we have now have a domain and website for Meg and my comic circle SAINT comics. Check it out and sign the guest book!! The forum has also moved to here!

January 03, 2003 -- I'm going to Portland next week, so I won't be in town to draw strips. I really need a break because I'm having problems with my wrist, if you haven't been reading my tagboard or blog. Anyway, hopefully the break will leave me less burned out and more creative and less pained in the wrist. Yay!

December 27, 2002 -- Merry belated Christmas! The week's strips come from The Sims which has been sucking up all my free time!! The blond Sim is Candra! In a renaissance dress and I'm not sure why. ^_^;;

December 18, 2002 -- Sorry, guys. It's finals week, I'm sick, and I'm working 30 some hours this week on top of that. (*cough* And I'm going to see "Two Towers" tonight.) So, enjoy my prints from printmaking class instead of your regularly scheduled comics.

November 29, 2002 -- Cast pages updated. New pictures and now it matches the layout! ^_^

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"Journeys Down" is the story of a bunch of vampires in a band trying to make it big in New York City! The band is composed of Candra (happy-genki drummer), Carter (depressive, eternally 15, lead singer), Carlos (cutie-patootie, bass and back up vocals), Lance (nerdy but sweetie, lead guitar), Lucas (punkish, plays 12-string guitar), and Vil (evil evil tech). This comic will sometimes deal with mature subjects, so I hafta give it a warning of PG-13. If same gender relationships, cross-dressing, moderate violence, artistic nudity, and hints at sex bothers you, please go elsewhere. If you like cute vampires who play too much music, SD manga-style art, and storylines that can be serious touching or amusing, stick around! ^_^